Hey! I am Marcel, a 29 year old motion and graphic designer from cologne/germany.
My passion for videography and design started at the early age of thirteen when we were young and stupid having fun outside.

When I grew up I decided to make a living out of my passion and after a few years of collage, I graduaded with the Bachelor of Arts here in cologne. Since then I worked on exhibitions, trade fairs, video games and commercials in any form. From graphicdesign to video- and photoshootings for the fashion- and lifestyle industry, sports brands, magazines and agencies. I also worked on postproduction and preproduction for music- and sport videos.

Here is a list of what I serve:
- Graphic design
- Illustration
- 2D & 3D animation
- 3D visualization
- Postproduction and cutting
- Mattepainting
- Photo- and videoshooting
- Drone-/Aerial shootings

Huge budget as well as no budget.
If you are interested in my work, feel free to contact me.
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